Luxurious Gourmet Chocolates - Lovingly Crafted – Julie Hinton, Chocolatier
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What Customers Are Saying 

"I can't stop eating them." ~ Lionel Richie

"Passion fruit plus chocolate changed my life."   ~ Tommy B.

"Not only are Julie's chocolates delicious, they are almost too beautiful to eat!! I bought extra for me, however they will become a hostess gift tonight. This will be my go-to gift from now on!!" ~ Dorma T.

"They are always so pretty it’s difficult to eat them, but once you take a bite you can’t stop. ~ Doris M.

"A friend gave me some of your chocolates for my birthday. You have an amazing gift. I have never tasted such beautiful flavor combinations in chocolate before. Each one is a work of culinary art. I am eating one piece a day and savoring it." ~ Kristin G.