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Let's Be Honest

Valentine's Day can be daunting.  If you are trying to please the one that you love, the guesswork can bring out the fear in anyone.  Let us help you!  We've had lots of experience with this holiday and know pretty well how people react to our chocolate creations.  Whether you want to peruse our Valentine's selections or call us for concierge assistance, we can help you make your best impression on February 14th.  All of our boxes come in deep red or glistening pearl with a custom ribbon and glistening heart buckle.  No additional wrapping is necessary.  Save yourself the time and struggle this year.  Exquisite artisan chocolate will be all that you need.



Customers Are Saying

"Passionfruit plus chocolate changed my life."   ~ Tommy B.

"Not only are Julie's chocolates delicious, they are almost too beautiful to eat!! I bought extra for me, however they will become a hostess gift tonight. This will be my go-to gift from now on!!" ~ Dorma T.

"I can't stop eating them" ~ Lionel Richie


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